Corona Quick Handling Corona, PT WHW Distributes Health Support Assistance Tools to the People of West Kalimantan

Kendawangan, 25 March 2020 – PT Well Harvest Winning (WHW) Alumina Refinery through the Corporate Social Responsibility Program moves quickly to channel health support tools needed by the community and local government. The Company distributed 3000 masks, 7000 vitamins, 15,750 ml of hand soap and 100 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical personnel.

With the theme "Movement of Hearts Together with Corona", the company implements a program with Corona's socialization and anticipation movement for the community, local government, media, by channeling the assistance to three locations in West Kalimantan, namely Kendawangan, Ketapang and Pontianak.

Head of West Kalimantan Province Health Service, dr. Harrison expressed his gratitude for the care of PT Well Harvest Winning Alumina Refinery with the help of health support tools and the socialization of Corona's anticipation to the community. I hope that this movement will be followed by all parties, as PT Well Harvest Winning has done to help deal with the Corona virus. Meanwhile according to Deputy Director 1 of RSUD Dr. Soedarso - Dr. dr. Pinda Hutajulu, this assistance was very meaningful because the hospital lacked PPE. The medical team that uses this PPE will be distributed to many sections including those directly dealing with Corona patients, then the service department and the Polyclinic.

CSR assistance in Ketapang was handed over directly by the Community Manager of PT WHW Mujiati to the Head of RSUD Dr. Agoesdjam, dr. Herman Basuki in the form of 50 sets of PPE and other health support tools at Dr. Agoesdjam Ketapang, Monday (03/23/2020). The two hospitals are referral hospitals that have been prepared by the government to treat patients infected with the Corona virus.

Head of Medical and Nursing Services at Agoesdjam Regional Hospital Dr. Feria Kowira said that he was very grateful and grateful to PT Well Harvest Winning for the assistance of the Corporate Social and Responsibility Program in the form of dozens of PPE sets, hundreds of masks and thousands of vitamins and hand washing soap. " Because at this time our supply is minimal. So, with this assistance it is our strength to serve and treat Covid-19 patients, "said Dr. Feria.

While in Kendawangan, PT WHW Novari Mursita's Corporate Social Responsibility was handed over to the Secretary of the Kendawangan Subdistrict Ya'isnajuardi as the Representative of the Kendawangan District Leadership Council

PT WHW Sumarno's representative in front of health officials, the public and the media said that the highest appreciation of PT WHW was given to health care workers, local government, the media, surrounding communities, who were at the forefront of efforts to overcome the Corona virus. The Company is fully committed to supporting all stakeholders during these challenging times by taking strategic steps to keep the Corona virus from spreading.

To note, on January 27, 2020, the company has also announced to the public that it does not allow foreign workers PT WHW to travel to China and vice versa is valid from January 26, 2020 until an undetermined time. PT WHW is always obedient and obedient to the appeals conveyed by related agencies to conduct early prevention. Therefore, the company has conducted socialization to local and foreign employees to always maintain health by always maintaining the cleanliness of the work environment and themselves by always washing hands after activities. The Company also always checks and monitors foreign workers and local workers who live in the Kendawangan site. Employees are health checked three times using a thermal scanner, given a multivitamin, always wearing a mask and health education is routinely carried out in the form of a flyer to all employees. PT WHW has also prepared a clinic, ambulance and quarantine room that is ready to serve 24 hours in seven days a week for health services if there are workers who experience symptoms of pneumonia in the future

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