WHW Special Terminal

  • To support the operation of Smelter Grade Alumina (SGA), WHW own a special terminal for only loading and unloading alumina, and for receiving raw material to support production.
    Special terminal is 615,000 square meters with 429 meters long dock with 5 units of port crane. WHW special terminal is sufficient for loading and unloading aluminas as much as 90,000 ton per month.

Steam Power Plant

  • To support the whole production process WHW equipped itself with steam power plant (PLTU: Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Uap), which provides 24 hours electricity for the alumina factory, the special terminals, and worker compounds.

Office and Workers Living Spaces

  • WHW pushes to have comfortable and beautiful working environment so the company provides living spaces for 3000 workers in an apartment concept, completed with facilities for exercise, mosque, clinic and also supermarket.