Real Contribution of WHW CSR Program for Kendawangan Society

The CSR program of WHW has agenda of PPM (Pengembangan dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat: Society Development and Empowerment) in different fields, like education, health care, infrastructure, economy independence, religion, sociocultural, youth activities community institutional strengthening.The above programs are WHW’s real actions for local community to aim at their more prosperous lives.

In the field of education, WHW has aided means of education for PAUD (Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini: Early Age Child Education) Mutiara Tengar. WHW also has donated utilities for library to Madrasah Tsanawiyah (Islamic Junior High School) At-Taqwa in Kendawangan. WHW donated tables, chairs, and book shelves, it also renovated the classrooms as well as room for science education for SD Negeri 15 (Public Elementary 15) in Kendawangan, Dusun (small village) Sungai Gayam. In the field of health care among others, WHW submitted additional food for elders/old age people which was executed at the same time with the activity of sharing on Idul Fitri 1140 Hijriah.

As in the field of economy independence among other activities was preparation of giving guidance for the

development of women group in minor businesses, assisting and strengthening farmers groups who received the aids, assisting development and strengthening the fishermen group who have been given aids. For public infrastructure WHW strived for clean water for people of Dusun Sukaria (dusun: smaller part of village) and built public toilets in Dusun Tanjung.

One of the successful portray of WHW-AR CSR also is felt by the Mentaduk family. This 53 years old man is one of the representation of hundreds of Adat Dayak people in the economy independence program in agriculture sector. Mentaduk planted from eggplant to chili, string beans to cucumber and shallot surrounding his house in Dusun Kelukup Belantak in Desa Mekar Utama, Kecamatan Kendawangan, West Kalimantan. WHW assists the community through its CSR starting from planting, maintenance of the farm, harvesting and marketing so that Mentaduk family can have better living condition with at least IDR 10 million monthly. With the family economy independence Mentaduk’s son can have access to good education. What is experienced and enjoyed by this family make WHW more confident in the positive influence and the improvement of society’s economy by promoting other farmers to work on local farm cultivation.